School Governors

On the 21st July 2014 the school achieved 'Governormark' accreditation.

Role of School Governor

What do School Governors do?

Governors work as a team to:
•promote high standards of educational attainment at their school
•set targets for pupil achievement
•take general responsibility for the conduct of the school
•manage the school's budget , including deciding how many staff will work there
•make sure that the National Curriculum is delivered via a broad and balanced provision
•report on pupils' achievement in National Curriculum assessments and examination results
•act as a 'critical friend' to the school
•be prepared to undertake training and develop their role
•participate in the appointment of senior staff (including appointing the Head Teacher) and regulate staff conduct and discipline ; and
•draw up an action plan after an inspection by the Office of Standards in Education (OfSTED)

Why do Schools Need Governors?

Every school has a Governing Body to represent the local community - "the stakeholders" in the running of our schools. School Governors bring external support perspectives from ordinary life and the staff, and the Local Authority to help secure the best possible education for the children in the school. They have important responsibilites like managing the school budget, overseeing the curriculum and appointing staff.

How are Governors elected?

Foundation Governors are appointed through the Archdiocese.  Parent Governors are appointed by Parent Governor Election through the school as and when a vacancy arises.  LEA Governors are appointed through the Local Authority via a Panel and recommendation.  Staff Governors are appointed via staff election at the school.

Our School Governing Body

School Governing Body

Chairperson: Mr M Burke - Chair of all committees

Vice Chair:  Deacon Kevin Taylor

Headteacher: Mrs P Wade

Foundation Governors: Mr Kerr
Mr Bielby
Deacon K Taylor
Mrs Neal - Link Governor SEND and EYFS

Elected Parent
Governors  Mr K Crooks
Ms E Hampson

LA Governor - Mrs McDonald

Elected Staff Governor Mrs Duvall

Clerk to the Governors - Governor Services

Please contact Clerk for further enquiries regarding contact or vacancies of the Governing Body.

The next Full Governing Body Meeting provisional date is January 2021.

Governors complete a declaration of interest at each sub-committee and Full Governing Body meeting.  There are no business or financial interests noted or governance roles in other schools.

Governors'  Term of Office Academic Year 2019/20:


Category of Governor


Term of Office

Register of Business Interest

Attendance to relevant committees 2019/20

Mrs Patsy Wade


All committees



Attended all meetings

Mr Brian Bielby

Foundation Governor

All committees/Chair of All Committees

01.09.18 - 31.08.22


Attended all meetings

Mr Tom Robinson

Vice Chair

Finance/Health and Safety/Staffing and Vice Chair of those committees

01.09.18 - 31.08.22


Attended all meetings

Ms Emma  Hampson



15-05.19 - 14.05.22


Attended all meetings

Mr Michael Burke



15.02.17 - 14.02.21


Attended all meetings

Mrs Kevin Crooks



15.05.19 - 14.05.23


Attended all meetings

Mr Ian Kerr



01.09.18 - 31.08.22


Attended all meetings

Deacon Taylor



01.09.18 - 31.08.22


Attended all meetings

Mrs Helen Duvall





Attended all meetings

Mrs D Neal





Attended all meetings


Remit of the Governing Body and Committees


The Governing Body is the strategic lead of the school and has a vital role to play to ensure

every child has the best possible education.


Governors govern rather than manage. They provide direction and focus by performing a vital strategic role.


The Governing Body key roles are:


To provide strategic direction for the school. For example, through the development and

participation in the School Development Plan.

To act as a critical friend to the Headteacher. For example, responding to the

Headteacher’s Report, providing question and challenge through monitoring of the

School Development Plan.

To ensure accountability. For example, through agreeing and monitoring the budget and

monitoring standards and progress in achievement.


Specifically, the Governing Body:


  • Is accountable for the performance of the school

  • Helps shape the school’s future direction

  • Monitors and reviews the performance of the school

  • Makes decisions about the school’s budget and staffing

  • Makes sure the school provides for all its pupils, including those with special needs

  • Is at the heart of how a school operates

  • Is responsible for how the school is performing. We have to be prepared to

    support and challenge the Headteacher by gathering views, asking questions and deciding

    what’s best for our pupils.

  • Undertakes our own training needs analysis to ensure we stay up to date with training programmes to provide the very best support we can for the school.

  • Is made up of volunteers, with members representing a range of

    interests and professions. As such we aim to provide a representative group of the local





    Governing Bodies are formally required to deal with Committees using a whole range of Regulations and Statutory Instruments. The ever growing pressure and complexity of business has made it essential for Governing Bodies to discharge their increased responsibilities.


    The effective use of Committees ensure good working practices and the Government wants to enable Governing Bodies to choose ways of working that suit them and the school best so that they can carry out their functions most effectively and help their school improve further.


    The Structure of our Committees:-


Name of Committee

Committee members



Mr Bielby, Mrs Wade, Mrs Neal, Mrs Duvall, Mr Burke, Mr Crooks

Mr Burke


Mr Bielby, Mrs Wade, Mr Burke, Deacon Taylor, Mr Kerr, Mrs Duvall, Ms Hampson

Mr Burke

Buildings/Premises/Health and Safety

Mr Bielby, Mrs Wade, Mr Kerr, Mr Burke, Ms Hampson

Mr Robinson


Mr Bielby, Mrs Wade, Mr Burke, Mr Kerr, Mrs Duvall, Deacon Taylor, Mr Crooks

Mr Burke

Pupil Welfare, Discipline and Exclusion

Mr Burke, Mrs Wade, Mr Kerr, Deacon Taylor, Mr Bielby

Mr Burke

Headteacher’s Performance Review

Mr Burke, Mr Kerr, Deacon Taylor

Mr Burke


Mr Burke,  Deacon Taylor

Mr Burke


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