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“All it takes is one good person to restore hope.”

Pope Francis.

CAFOD Summer of Hope

CAFOD is inviting you and your family to participate in their Summer of Hope initiative to raise money to ensure clean water and food reaches the poorest families in the world during the Coronavirus crisis. 

 Click here to visit their webpage where they have lots of fun ideas that you could enjoy with your family at half term and maybe you could do some fundraising.


Thursday 2nd July

Hello all, 

I'm back! I had terrible trouble on Tuesday evening/Wednesday morning as my message to you wouldn't save onto our page.  As a last resort I've cut all of the messages since half term and pasted them onto another page (Old Home Learning tab at the top) and this seems to have worked...I'm not chancing using any fancy coloured fonts so here I am, back in plain typeface but at least I can talk to you again!

I hope you got on ok with yesterday's tasks.  Looking to Thursday's lessons we have:

Maths - unfortunately, this lesson needs a protractor again so you won't be able to complete it if you don't have one.  The video showing you how to measure is interesting though and worth a watch.  These were the two websites with online protractor tasks:  and  If you've already tried these, could you complete your mathletics tasks? They are on shapes too.  One member of our class who is currently in school couldn't see any tasks but you all do have some so I've altered the due date to see if that helps.  If you still can't see your assigned tasks then you should be able to access the shape work on there.  Fingers crossed it works!

English - you are familiar with imperative verbs (or bossy verbs) that are used in instructions so this should be a straightforward activity to complete.  Maybe you've had a lot of extra practise at following recipes in lockdown? I know that baking has been a very popular way to pass the time.

The final activity is German, which we obviously don't study at St. Austin's, so instead of completing this why not complete an activity from the mountains home learning file? 

I'm glad to be back talking to you and I hope you have a good day.

Mrs Boden

Friday 3rd July

Hello all and happy Friday! 

I hope we have some better weather today and over this weekend...I'm a bit fed up of feeling freezing cold, how about you?

So, as it's Friday, can you ask someone to give you a test on the spellings on our SPaG files and play an online maths game? 

If you're following BBC, it's challenge day for maths.  The problems get more difficult as you go down the page and number 5 may not make sense to you as we hadn't covered angles in triangles before we left school.  The English work has a very interesting extract to listen to and read, all about a lady called Katherine Johnson.  I first heard about her in the film Hidden Figures (it is a PG if you want to watch it and learn more about her).

Finally, I completed a great art activity with the Y6 bubble on Thursday.  The link is:

It says Y6 but you could definitely do it and I think you'd enjoy it.  All you need is a piece of paper, black felt pen and pencils to colour in (but you could just shade in with a writing pencil). Have fun!

I hope you and your families have a good weekend.  Well done for keeping on reading these messages and completing some work.  I do understand it's hard for you, having been away from school for so long.

Mrs Boden


Monday 6th July

Monday again! 

How are you all? Did you have a good weekend with your families? I haven't done anything very exciting I must admit. We tried to go to the shops (not the supermarket) which felt really strange.  My daughter is trying to watch all of the Marvel films in the right order so I've seen two of those so far over the weekend!

BBC for Monday is moving onto shape for maths so you'll need to put your thinking hats on to recall the names and properties of 2D shapes for Monday's lesson.  The English work has some different activities to do with reading and understanding texts.  The skimming and scanning acitivity is a bit like trying to find Wally in a Where's Wally book so you could try that for extra practise if you finish the lesson!  There's also a music lesson today which sounds fun.  Activity 2 is to listen to three of your favourite songs which sounds like a real treat and not schoolwork!  There are some activities from our schools music service online if you wanted to have a musical afternoon.  The link is at the bottom of the 'old home learning messages' page.

Mr Whittaker has kindly set your arithmetic and SPaG for this week for me as I'm working in Y6 for now.  I think he's thrown in a little Y6 challenge but I know you're up to it!  He's also put the Classroom Secrets files up if you prefer to use them.

Keep smiling all.smiley

Mrs Boden


Tuesday 7th July

Hello everyone,

How was your Monday? Did you manage to dodge the showers? 

Today's lessons will be a little bit of a mix:

Maths - you are looking at 3D shapes and their nets.  I remember telling you to look at a website that had shape nets a few weeks back? I've downloaded a powerpoint from the internet where you get a clap if you guess the right shape name for the net.  It's saved at the bottom of the Maths page and might be a good way to finish today's work.

English - Oh no! The English is about Romeo and Juliet (this was the Y6 lesson I told you to complete a couple of weeks ago!). surprise So, instead of completing this,  could you go to the British Council website: and watch their version of the play.  There is then a worksheet that.asks you to sequence events in the story and decide if statements are true or false.  I've popped it onto the English page (the first sheet is a bit easy for you) and I'll post the answers tomorrow.  If you wanted a further challenge maybe you could write a different ending?  For example: Romeo and Juliet could have talked to their parents about how they felt;  they could have asked Friar Lawrence to tell people on their behalf;  Romeo could have stopped Mercutio from fighting Tybalt or Juliet could have waited to be sure Romeo had received the message describing the plan!  

Art - a nice activity on surrealism that I think you'd enjoy.  It gives you a chance to let your imaginations run wild!

Mrs Boden

PS: I think that there might be a problem with our Mathletics and I'll do my best to sort it out tomorrow.


Wednesday 8th July

Good morning,

Hopefully it's a little bit drier today so we will be able to get out for some fresh air!

Today's English on the BBC is more about Shakespeare.  Following on from yesterday's lesson on Romeo and Juliet you will learn about  'The Tempest.'  There is an activity to learn more about Shakespeare then to write a message in a bottle.  A quick news search online shows that people are still throwing messages in bottles into the ocean - what do you think about that? Is it just a bit of fun or is it contributing to ocean pollution?

Maths  - you are plotting reflections of shapes - remember to go down the corridor before you go up the stairs when plotting a point (or plot the x axis before the y).  

Finally, could you complete a plants activity on our powerpoint file to explain the life cycle of a flowering plant? 

I  hope you all have a good Wednesday!

Mrs Boden


Thursday 9th July

Hello all,

I hope you're feeling good this morning and ready to go again (we're nearly at the end of term, honestly!).  Well done for checking in and keeping up the effort, I know it's difficult after all this time.  Today's English is about Shakespeare again - did you know that the Lion King is based on a Shakespeare play?  You will have the chance to reimagine one of the plays that you have learnt about - would you choose to write a story involving animals like Lion King or would you use a modern setting (Romeo and Juliet texting each other or WhatsApping?!).

The maths activity is on translating shapes.  The explanation video is good and again, take your time and remember to plot x before y and I'm sure you'll be fine.

The final activity is music so you have permission to bellow and play around, after all it's about how music makes us feel good! (Which reminds me, I still need to record my Greatest Hits Class 2020 version!).

Have a great day.

Mrs Boden

PS I've taken all the due dates off Mathletics - does that help you to see your tasks? Fingers crossed!


Friday 10th July

Friday again!

Can you complete a spelling test from the list Mr Whittaker set on Monday?  I've realised that I didn't post the answers to the Romeo and Juliet activity (sorry!) so that's now on the English page too.  

Today's BBC maths is challenge activities as usual for a Friday.  You are encouraged to solve them by drawing bar models.  Remember that they get trickier as you work through.

The English reading comprehension is about an Olympian, Sir Chris Hoy.  He has also written some children's fiction books called Flying Fergus.  That could be a title to add to the list for when the libraries reopen.

The final activity is music.  If you've had enough music this week, then maybe try this collage activity on Oak Academy:

Have a lovely weekend everyone.  The sun is finally supposed to shine! We'll be on our final week of homeschool next week before the Summer holidays.

Take care,

Mrs Boden


Monday 13th July

Good morning Year 5,

I hope that you had a good weekend.  I enjoyed being out in the sunshine with my family as we celebrated another birthday (it's a busy time of the year for the Bodens!).  I hope you've been able to meet up with some of your relatives and it's been nice for you to see people again.

It's our last week of school this week.  We would usually be finishing off any topics and having fun watching the Y6 production etc.  I will keep posting messages to support you with the BBC lessons an  if you can keep going, please do! We will have a break from school and home-schooling from Friday and then we will be back in school in September.  I can't wait to see you all again as I'm sure you've all grown and changed!

Mr Whittaker has kindly posted files on our maths and English pages for you to complete.  I have a feeling there's still an issue with you seeing your tasks on Mathletics so I will try again to fix that this week.

BBC maths - converting between units of measure.  They use bar charts to help your understanding and this is a topic that we've covered in class. Remember that milli = 1000 and cent = 100 when looking at converting from litres etc.

English is a reading revision activity.  All of these skills are useful and well worth practising again.

Science is a lesson on the planets which would be a nice revision topic for you.  

As ever, try your best and don't worry if you can't finish everything.  wink

Mrs Boden 

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