Year 1 2020 - 2021

Mrs Ramsey

Y1 teacher

Home Schooling

Hello and welcome to Year 1's class page!

To assist you with your child's education you will find a range of resources which you can access to support you and your child.

Update 29.6.20 - Music


St Helens Music Service are also offering some free resources. Follow these two links to find out more:

Link 1    Link 2

Update 15.6.20 - RE.

The Archdiocese of Liverpool have provided home learning activities which can be complete with your child based upon the latest RE topic. You can access the activities appropriate for your child by clicking here or in the files to download below. 

Your child has a Home Learning Pack which contains:

  • Phonics booklets
  • Arithmetic booklets
  • Mathletics login details
  • Exercise books to complete online activities.
  • Bean Plant diary
  • Letter and number formation practice sheets
  • Home reading books



In class we have have been using Bee Bot to help us with our programming skills. 


This is a free downloadable app.  Challenge yourselves to write a programme for Bee Bot and test it out using the app.


The links below will take you to a range of activities to complete.


Hello everyone!

I hope that you are all getting used to learning at home and enjoying the sunshine. I have added some new files today with words that you need to look at and try to spell. Remember our rules for learning spellings:

Look   Cover   Write   Check

Try to read every day and play lots of games with your family!

Mrs Ramsey



Morning everyone!

We have all had a couple of weeks to get a bit more used to learning from home and I hope that it is getting easier!

As you are all probably online more than usual at the moment I have added some Online Safety activities for you to have a look at with your parents. There is also a reward chart to help you to see how you are doing!

I promised you that I would show you my tree in my garden as it blossoms (remember that blossom is the flower on a tree). In this picture you can see that the flowers are still in bud and there are not many leaves on the tree yet.


If you go out for a walk, have a look to see if you can spot any other flowers growing in Spring!

Mrs Ramsey


Good morning Y1!

As the weather is not very nice today I have added a lovely Easter story flap book for you to print and colour - I know how much you all enjoy colouring! Try to tell the Easter story to your family as you colour in each picture.

Mrs Ramsey


Welcome back after the Easter holidays!

I hpe that you all had a lovely break and didn't eat too much chocolate!!

If you are looking for something new to work on at home then you can follow this link to lots of fun activites to complete on the BBC website

Mrs Ramsey


Good  morning everyone!

We have been having a look at how you can carry on with your reading at home. Below are some websites that you might like.

Purple Mash

You will need to get your parents to create an account.  When they have completed the log in details, they will need to activate their account by checking their emails and following the link.

Once you are logged in, there are a number of activities that you can do.  We have been looking in particular at the reading books available.  If you click on ‘Serial Mash’ you will be taken to an online library of books. On the right, you will see the following options for books at different age ranges. 

Diamonds Age 5-7

There are also little quizzes and activities to go with each chapter!


Read Theory

This appears to be an American site, but is quite easy to use.  Your parents will need to set it up with an email address.  Once you have taken the first ‘quiz’ (which takes between 10 and 20 minutes) you can practise your reading skills by reading a short text and then answering some questions about it.  You can check your progress using the little graph icon in the top left hand corner of the screen.

Free ebooks

IWe have been looking for some free ebooks and have found the following:

Oxford Owl – this is a great website with quite a few ebooks that you can read for free. An adult will need to register with an email and activate the account.  After that, it is easy to use and even has an audio button so that you can listen to the page being read to you – a great way to check that you have read the words correctly!

Amazon – search for free ebooks for children and you will find a number of books that you can download including classics like The Wind in the Willows, cheeky reads like the Barry Loser series and factual books.

Happy reading!

Mrs Ramsey



Hello everyone!

I hope you are all getting outside to enjoy the lovely sunshine today!

I have found some great home learning lessons for you - ask your parents to follow this link to English, Maths and Foundation lessons to complete each day.

You will need a pencil and paper for some of the activities so have them ready before you start. 

Have fun!

Mrs Ramsey


Hello everyone!

I am going to send you on a hunt around your house today!

Our Science topic this term is "Sorting and classifying materials" and we are going to begin by finding objects made from different materials in our house and then decribing them. Make sure that you check with an adult before touching or picking something up - keep safe!

There are 2 sets of worksheets that you will need to download from the list on our class page - 'Around the House' and 'Describing Materials'. 

Happy hunting - have fun!

Mrs Ramsey



Hello everyone!

Happy May day!

I'm hoping that the sun will shine today after a couple of rainy days - it will be good to get outside in the fresh air again!l

I have added some activities for you to try about looking after our beautiful world - they are on the list of work on this page and are called CAFOD Global Learning activities. Have a look at them!

I hope that you all mananged to log on to the reading sites and are enjoying lots of new books and stories.

Mrs Ramsey



Hello everyone!

Isn't it lovely to see the sunshine again? I hope that you are all getting outside to enjoy it!

We started thinking about Materials last week - have a look at the activities on the BBC Homeschool website to have a go at describing and sorting materials.

Also on the Oak National Academy website there is a lesson on looking at the texture of different materials - Foundation - Creative Lesson 2 'To go on a texture treasure hunt'.

Enjoy searching!

Mrs Ramsey

Hello everyone!

The weather is a lot colder today but I hope you can still get out and enjoy the fresh air!

This week we are going to find out Liverpool and The Beatles in our "History within living memory" topic.

You can look on the internet and ask people you live with about what they know or can remember about The Beatles or interesting facts about the city of Liverpool. Use the information you find out to make a poster which you can bring in to school when we are all back together again. You can also listen to some of the songs which The Beatles sang - my favourite is Hey Jude.

I am looking forward to seeing what you find out! 

Mrs Ramsey


Hello everyone!

This week I would like you to think about people across the world who are not as lucky as we are and do not have the things they need to keep them safe and healthy. I have attached a link to the CAFOD website where you can find some ideas about fundraising with your family.

You could organise a sports day in your garden or set yourself a target for walking, running or riding on your scooter!

Have fun!

Mrs Ramsey

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