Year 6 2020 - 2021

Mr Whittaker

Y6 teacher

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Home Schooling

For all future home learning updates please see the "home learning" tab at the top of the page. This is to stop this page becoming too overwhelming with the number of resources being added to it. 



De La Salle transition - For those pupils who will be starting De La Salle in September 2020, information can be found on De La Salle's website under Y7 September 2020 using the following link:


1. RE update - please see below an image which explains about a letter written by Pope Francis called Laudato Si. The letter asked us all to help protect our planet. In the downloads at the bottom of the page you will find some activites which you can complete during May. Feel free to pick and choose from them. 













2. Message to pupils attending De La Salle from September. Yesterday I was informed by De La Salle that transition packs will be sent out to your homes at some point this week. Look out for them as they need to be returned to De Las Salle by Friday 29th May. 

Message to all Y6 pupils - please be assured that I have been in close contact with all of your secondary schools to discuss your transition with them and I will continue to do so. 



Good morning all. This week I have attached a suggested timetable with some resources which you can use for your learning from home. Please do not feel like you have to stick to everything that is on the timetable and if you find anything that you'd rather learn instead then go for it. The timetable and resources can be found in the files to download at the bottom of the page. Happy learning!


21.4.20 - update 2

Another quick update for you all. Barnardo's, the children's charity, are offering weekly resources to help all children develop their skills in the following areas:

  • Self-Awareness
  • Self-Management
  • Social Awareness
  • Relationship Skills
  • Responsible Decision Making

These will prove very useful in these strange times in which we currently find ourselves. They will be uploaded each week to the Health and Emotional Wellbeing tab on the school webpage but you can click the image below to take you there. 

Click here








Morning all. Mrs Duvall has kindly been searching high and low for the best reading resources for you to use at home. Below is a summary of the best ones which she discovered, so if you are struggling to find reading activities or would like something different to try then check out the websites below.

P.S. Oxford Owl and Purple Mash seem to be the best but feel free to try them all. 

Purple Mash

You will need to get your parents to create an account.  When they have completed the log in details, they will need to activate their account by checking their emails and following the link.

Once you are logged in, there are a number of activities that you can do.  I have been looking in particular at the reading books available.  If you click on ‘Serial Mash’ you will be taken to an online library of books. On the right, you will see the following options for books at different age ranges. If you find a set too hard, read one from the lower set and build yourself up.  There are also little quizzes and activities to go with each chapter!

Diamonds: Age 5-7

Emeralds: Age 7-9

Sapphires: Age 9-11


Read Theory

This appears to be an American site, but is quite easy to use.  Your parents will need to set it up with an email address.  Once you have taken the first ‘quiz’ (which takes between 10 and 20 minutes) you can practise your reading skills by reading a short text and then answering some questions about it.  You can check your progress using the little graph icon in the top left hand corner of the screen.

Free ebooks

I have been looking for some free ebooks and have found the following:

Oxford Owl – this is a great website with quite a few ebooks that you can read for free. An adult will need to register with an email and activate the account.  After that, it is easy to use and even has an audio button so that you can listen to the page being read to you – a great way to check that you have read the words correctly!

Amazon – search for free ebooks for children and you will find a number of books that you can download including classics like The Wind in the Willows, cheeky reads like the Barry Loser series and factual books.


Hello all, I hope you are all keeping safe and making the most of the opportunities to learn in new ways. The BBC has started their home learning programme today which you can access by following the link below. White Rose Maths continues to upload maths lessons for you all to complete too. In addition to those, the links I have mentioned previously continue to be updated with new learning for you to complete from home. 






A maths update which you may find useful. Third Space Maths Hub are offering your parents the chance to sign up for a free account to use their resources - most of which are free. I have used many of their resources in class with you so they may be worth a look. Follow this link for instructions on how to sign up. 

We were covering World War 2 including the Holocaust and Ann Frank's Diary this term so you might want to look at this website on the BBC, it has lots of useful video clips which you will enjoy. 

In Art we had started to look at famous artists so perhaps you would like to have a go at making some Pop Art. Click on the image below which will take you to the Tate website with a few ideas for things you could draw or make. 

Update 2

Our fabulous French teachers have sent these through for you to have a go at if you were enjoying your French lessons and you wanted to impress your parents with your skills! 


Joe Wicks time again. If any of you are struggling finding the link to PE with Joe then click here. If you miss the session live at 9am, all sessions remain available on his Youtube channel for you to do later on. If any of you would like a writing activity to do, then why not try Pobble 365 by following this link. Today's is Queen Bee but if you don't like the look of that one then choose another day to do. 




Morning all. I hope that you and your families are all well. These are strange times with many things that we cannot control but one thing which we can control is our outlook on life; we can all choose to be happy. One great way to keep our mood up is to exercise. I am sure many of you know this already but every morning Joe Wicks - The Body Coach - has been doing a daily exercise session at 9am on his Youtube channel. Myself and many other teachers have been taking part so if you haven't already done so then feel free to join in too - it really does get those happy chemicals racing around your body. 

If you would like a change from the work that has been set for you, then White Rose are doing daily maths sessions with videos, worksheets and answers so you can check how you have got on. Follow this link to access it.

Hello and welcome to Year 6's class page!

To assist you with your child's education you will find here a range of resources across the curriculum.

English - Reading

All children have been provided with their SATs booster books for poetry, fiction and non-fiction which contain all work which we would cover in Year 6 as well as covering aspects of the Key Stage 2 curriculum which children have already been taught. 

Of course, I would also encourage your child to read as much as possible. At the present moment libraries in St Helens remain open and are allowing children to withdraw up to 20 books at at time.

Pupils can now access Accelerated Reader at home to complete any quizzes.  Click on the icon below to access the login page:

English - Grammar

As for reading, all children have also been provided with their SATs booklets for spelling, punctuation and grammar which cover all aspects of the Key Stage 2 curriculum. 


Again, all children have been provided with their SATs booster books for mathematics which cover everything they learn in year 6 as well as re-cappng everything they have covered in Key Stage 2. We use the White Rose maths scheme in Year 6 and we have completed most aspects of the curriculum. An overview of the scheme is included below. We were due to cover algebra and shape before Easter, then the problem solving and statistics work next term before SATs.

If you follow the link below, then it will take you to the White Rose Website which has links to all the resources for the lessons. You will also find they have begun a free home-schooling tab which contains full premium lessons. 

Additionally, children still have access to Mathletics which covers the mathematics they will need to learn.

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