Reception 2021 - 2022

Mrs Leck

Foundation Leader


Hello and welcome to Reception's class page!smiley

September 2021

A very big welcome to all our new parents and children.

We are looking forward to learning lots of exciting things and having fun together.

 If required, you will be able to access remote learning using a programme called SeeSaw. Please contact school for log-in details and passwords.  

A few reminders:-

Reception children have a word book which they will bring home every week. Please help your child to read the words.

 Library day is every Wednesday.

Home Tasks will be given out every Friday; a good way to see what your child is currently learning in class.

Your child will be able to access 'mathletics' at home . Mathletics is a fun way to improve mahematical knowledge and skills.

Have Fun! wink

St Austin’s Primary School Reception Class

Time Table


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Happy May Day!

Reading and writing activity.

Read the following tricky words using Look Say Cover Write Check:-

look they said do for

Now write 5 sentences with these tricky words in them, e.g, Look at the dog. Remember capital letter and full stop.

Maths Activity

How many pairs of socks do you have in your drawer? Can you sort the socks into colours? How many pairs of red socks do you have? Continue with different colours.

Challenge:- How many socks are there all together? 


The rainbow fish and his friends live together under the sea. I want you to think about the things we can do to keep our seas clean and safe for our sealife. Have a chat with your grown ups. 


Happy 100th Birthday to Captain Moore! Perhaps you could make Tom a birthday card or a picture and stick it in your window? Don't forget to write 'Happy Birthday Tom' and write the number 100.

Today I would like you to find out about all the different kinds of creatures that live in the sea. How many can you find? You might want to write the names of the creatures you find and/or draw pictures of them. 


Hello everyone!

 Did you enjoy reading 'The Rainbow Fish'? What was your favourite part of the story? I want you you to draw a picture of your favourite part of the story and write about it. Challenge - How many tricky words can you write in your sentences? Remember you can find the link below to access the story.

Today, I want you to find the number that is one less than a number from 10 to 20. For example, one less than 12 is 11. If that is a bit tricky, try finding one less with numbers 1 to 10. Don't forget to write the numbers down .


Monday   27.04.2020

Good Morning everyone! I hope you are all ok and enjoying the sunshinesmiley.

Today's Reading and Writing activity:-

Continue to read the tricky words. Remember, you cannot sound out tricky words you just have to learn them. 

LOOK at the word

SAY the word

COVER the word

WRITE the word

CHECK the word to see if you have spelt it correctly.

Use LOOK SAY COVER WRITE CHECK when learning your spellings every day.

Write 5 sentences with these tricky words in them:-

we  they  like  be  see

Example:-    I can see the sun in the sky.

Remember capital letter at the beginning of a sentence and full stop at the end of the sentence.

Maths activity

Say the number that is one more than a number from 10 to 20. Write the number down.

Example:- What is one more than 11?     The answer is 12.   Say it and write it down.

Topic activity

Our book for this week isThe Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister. You can find the story on 'You Tube'.  Read it together with your grown up. I have uploaded the story and you can find the link below.

Activity:- Make an under the water picture of all your favourite sealife you have seen in the story. You can use felt tips, crayons,paint, collage materials. Maybe display your pictures in your windows. Add a message of hope for all to see as they pass by your window.






WRITING ACTIVITY - Today we are going to write 5 sentences with 'tricky words' in them. Remember to start your sentence with a capital letter and finish your sentence with a full stop. Here are the 5 'tricky words' to include in your sentences:-

the   I   look   he   she

Here is an example :-  The sun is hot today.

MATHS ACTIVITY - Shape hunt around your house. I want you to find as many shapes as you can around your house. The shapes can be 2D shapes(square, triangle, circle etc) or 3D shapes(cube, cylinder, sphere etc). Count how many you find. You might want to draw the shapes too!


Just found an amazing website with fanatastic activities and fun games for children in the Early Years. The website is :-

Week Beginning 20.04.2020

I hope you all had a lovely Easter and that Easter Bunny made a visit to your house!

This week I recemmend you visit the 'bbc bitesize' website, which will give you lots of ideas for things to do with your child.

Visit the website- lessons  

Click on Year 1 and this will provide challenginging activities for your child. Also click on the 'Learn' tab, then click on 'Primary 3 to 11' and this will give you access to lots of other activities suitable for 4 to 5 year olds. 

The story for this week is 'The very Hungry Caterpillar' which you can find on 'YouTube'. Listen to the animated film beautifully told by the author, Eric Carle. Talk about the story with your child, ask questions to guage their understanding. You will find lessons about food, counting and days of the week, activities and games based on the book on the website:-

Also have alook at Online Safety Education for 4-7 year olds. There are fun activities from Jessie and Friends.

The website is :-

Have fun !

Week Beginning 30.03.2020

3.4.20  Look out for the website below that I've just added called 'Easter Mathematics'.

Spring is here now. Remember all the things we talked about in class ? Do a 'Spring Hunt' when you go for your daily excercise outside with your grown ups . What can you see or find? Write about it and draw pictures in your Daily Diary!

Useful websites for Spring activities:-

To assist you with your child's education you will find here a range of resources you can access to support you and your child. I will be adding ideas and useful websites weekly.

The links below will take you to a range of activities suitable for your child to complete.

Here are some siutable websites you can  access for your children:- This website will encourage children to investigate and observe different science phenomena through play. Free singing resources to use at home. Educational films and resources for Early Years; everything from geography to singalong

nursery rhymes. and These websites provide maths activites and games.

REMEMBER! Do the following activities DAILY:-


The benefits of reading to your child daily are varied ; you get to spend a special moment together as you immerse yourselves in the story and escape any worries you may have at the moment. Ask your child questions about the pictures and story line, as this will help to improve  their speaking and understanding skills. Ask your child to look out for 'Tricky Words' or you could ask them to find words beginning with a certain letter. Above all have fun reading together.

In your pack there is a list of 'key words' your child should be able to read by the end of the Reception year. Make it a fun activity and hide the words around the house. Your child will  find as many of the words  they can and if they can read the word to you they get a reward!

Ensure your child reads to you every day.



Encourage your child to write a sentence or more of the things  they have done in the exercise book we provided in the pack. They could also draw a picture. This is a fun way to improve their writing skills .


Children in Reception should be able to count, order and recognise numbers to 20. Make this a fun activity and hide numbers 0-20 around the house for the children to find. When they have found all the numbers, ask them to order the numbers from 0 to 20.





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