Every Day Counts

With your continued support we will continue to improve attendance and ask that you adhere to the following procedures:-
1. Please contact school on the first day of absence. If we do not receive a call from you the school will contact you as part of 'first day response'. Tel: 01744 678000
2. Please send a letter addressed to your child's teacher when they return to school stating the reason for absence.
3. Please make routine or non-urgent medical appointments after school or during school holidays.
4. Please ensure your child arrives at school in time for registration. If your child arrives late this will generate a late mark and this also disturbs lessons which have already started.


The attendance level for the whole school for Academic Year 2018-19 was 95.04% compared to 94.23% for Academic Year 2017-18.  This is an overall increase of 0.81%. Attendance for Y1 to Y6 for Academic Year 2018-19 was 95.14% compared to 94.5% for Academic Year 2017-18. 

This is an overall increase in attendance for Y1 to Y6 Academic Year 2018-19 of 0.64%

Attendance Data for Autumn Term 2019 is as follows:

Reception to Y6 - 95%

Y1 to Y6 - 95.1%

Attendance percentage per class for Autumn Term 2019-20 is shown below:

With your support we can reach our school attendance target of 96%

Class Attendance for week ending  13.3.20:-

Reception - 96.1%

Y1 - 96.8%

Y2 - 98.2%

Y3 - 98.6%

Y4 - 97.9%

Y5 - 97.9%

Y6 - 95.8%

This week's winner from Reception and KS1 is Y2 - 98.2%

This week's KS2 winners  - Y3 - 98.6%

This week's overall attendance figure is 96.4% for Reception to Y6 and 96.3% for Y1 to Y6.

Congratulations with your support we have reached our attendance target of 96% week commencing 2.03.20.

Thank you for your support.

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