Year 2 2019 - 2020

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Y2 teacher

Update 18.05.20

Guidance for this weeks Maths and English lessons can be found by clicking the 'Home Learning' tabs above.

Also this is 'Mental Health Awareness Week 2020'.  Click here to watch a video about the importance of being kind.


Update: 11.05.20

Guidance for this weeks Maths and English lessons can be found by clicking the 'Home Learning' tabs above.

Also this week, BBC Bitesize have included a Computing lesson that fits nicely into our 'programming' topic.  Click here to go to the lesson 'What is computer code?'.

To access a Science lesson based on our summer topic of 'Plants' click here



Update: 04.05.20

May the 4th Be With You!


  May the 4th be with you!

 Guidance for this weeks lessons can be found by clicking  the 'Home Learning' tabs above.





Update: 27.04.20

You will now find a new Home Learning Maths link above to guide you in your weekly maths learning. 


Morning everyone! Hope you are all well and getting outside for a little bit each day.

Have a look at the English today on BBC Bitesize. It's all about including adjectives in your writing and I know how good you all are at using adjectives.

There are three activities. You might do one or you may do all three!

Look out for some adjectives when you're reading too. How many can you find? 


Hello everyone! Hope you are enjoying another lovely sunny day!

Well done to everyone who has been reading and following this up with a quiz on Accelerated Reader. 

If you need some more books to read Mrs Duvall has found a few websites that may be of use.

Oxford Owl

This is a fantastic website with a number of books that can be read for free. An adult will need to register the account using an email address to activate the account. It's easy to use and even has an audio button you can press to hear the page read back to you. Great for checking how accurately you are reading!

Purple Mash

Once again an adult will need to set up the account. After completing the login details, click on the link that is sent to your email.

There are a number of activities. If you click on 'Serial Mash' you will be taken to an online library of books. On the right click on the appropriate age group to access the reading material. If you find a book to difficult you could try a book from the range below. Equally if you find a book to easy, choose from the range above.


Search for free ebooks for children and you will find a range of texts that can be downloaded.

If you are able to follow your reading up with a quiz on Accelerated Reader then that's an added bonus.

If that isn't possible just enjoy reading!



Barnardo's the children's charity are offering weekly resources to help the children in the following areas:

  • Self-Awareness
  • Self-Management
  • Social Awareness
  • Relationship Skills
  • Responsible Decision Making

These should prove very useful during this particular time. They will be uploaded each week to the Health and Wellbeing tab on the school webpage or you can click the link below to take you directly.

Last updated: 20/04/20

at 11am

Hello everyone!

Hope you've all had a lovely Easter and been enjoying the nice weather.

You will find daily lessons in English and Maths from the BBC Bitesize by clicking the image below:

Here you will also find regular lessons in Science, History, Geography and more.

Today has also seen the release of the Oak National Academy has opened.  You can explore this by clicking the image below:

This half term we would have been looking at Florence Nightingale in our history lessons. I've put some links below under 'History' for you to take a look at over the next few weeks.

Well done to everyone who has been completing the Mathletics tasks set!  More will be set each week for you to complete.  Remember you can click the the 'help' button if you need some support:


Home Schooling

Hello and welcome to Year 2's class page!

To assist you with your child's education you will find here a range of resources you can access to support you and your child.


Your child will have been given a 'home learning pack' that contains three different types of of maths booklet: Learn Its, CLIC and SAFE.  These booklets will help to develop key arithmetic and core mathematics skills.  Begin at the lowest level and work through each booklet.  There will be ten pages with the same key skills being developed.

In our main maths lessons for the remainder of the spring and summer terms we would have been focusing on Fractions and Time.  Your child will have previously been sent home a 'Mathletics' user name and password.  This can be used to access activites and tasks that will help to support their understanding of these topics:

To access free lessons and a great resource to link with work in class, click the image below:


This includes free online videos and worksheets for every lesson.


Want a challenge?  Click the image below:

There are a number of videos for parents delivered by Dr Yeap Ban Har that explain many of the methods and representations used at St Austin's.  Click the image below:


You will also find a variety of resources 'files to download' section below to support your work in this subject.




In your child's home learning pack you will find a copy of a handwriting booklet and a list of 'common exception words' for KS1.  A very useful activity to practice both handwriting and key spelling is to spend a short time everyday practicing handwriting skills by copying each word.


Spending time everyday reading with and reading to your child is the best way to develop their reading skills and a love or reading.  Your child will have brought home a book at the appropriate level or stage suitable to them.  Accessing titles of books that are of interest to them and within their range can be done by utilising the Accelerated Reader Book Finder website:

Pupils can now access Accelerated Reader at home to complete any quizzes.  Click on the icon below to go to the login page:






For our early readers we would recommend the following free app:

A further recommended free app for early learners is: 


You will also find a variety of resources below in the 'files to download' section to support your work in this subject.


Our final two science topics of the year are 'Plants' and 'Uses of Everyday Materials'.


The following website is a great starting point to the exploration of these topics:

Activities and tasks can be found in the downloadable 'Twinkl resources' below.


We have been using 'Daisy Dinosaur' in class to help us develop our programming skills.  This is a free downloadable app.  Challenge yourselves to write a programme for Daisy and then test it on the app.


iSafety was the topic to be covered in the Summer Term.  Click the image below to find out about 'Hector's World'.


Foundation Subjects

For all other subjects please look at the 'List of Educational Websites' that outline a variety of subscription free websites that can be accessed from home.

Files to Download

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