Year 4 2019 - 2020

Mrs Duvall

Y4 Teacher


Believe it or not, the Easter holidays begin today! surprise Rest, relax and enjoy time with your family!  

Home Schooling - Friday 3rd April - Message for Year 4 pupils from Mrs Duvall - message 2 smiley

As promised, I have uploaded some fractions work.  Look through the 'Warm Up' work first to refresh your memory.  Then look at lesson 1 which is all about hundredths.  There is a worksheet to go with this. You don't need to complete all of this on the same day.

I have taken a look at Mathletics today to check how you are all getting on.  Well done to all of you who have been on Mathletics Live and who have completed your activities!  Some of you still have some to do, so try and complete at least one a day!

How are you getting on with your English activities?  Have you written a newspaper report? I wish I could see them!

Keep reading!


Home Schooling - Friday 3rd April - Message for Year 4 pupils from Mrs Duvall

It's Friday! Did you get dressed up for your Joe Wicks workout?  

Our next maths topic is Fractions so I will look for some interesting things for you to do and upload them throughout the day.  In the meantime, one of the best things to help your maths skills is cooking with your family, weighing out ingredients and timing the cooking!  It's also a great excuse for making some tasty treats!


Home Schooling - Thursday 2nd April - Message for Year 4 pupils from Mrs Duvall

Good morning!  It's a little gloomy again today and I can see spots of rain on the window! surprise  I am hoping that I can still get out for my daily walk later!

For a creative science activity today, why not watch the BBC Bitesize clip about sound effects and have a go and making some of your own? 

Please ask permission before you start using any food products as your family may be hoping to eat them for tea!

I'm sure that you have lots of other things to be getting on with, but I will keep looking for interesting and worthwhile activities.


Home Schooling - Wednesday 1st April - Message for Year 4 pupils from Mrs Duvall

Happy April Fools' Day! Visit the Newsround website to find out where the tradition comes from and also check out the emoji quiz.

I have to confess that I haven't completed my Joe Wicks workout yet, but my daughter assures me that we will do it in her PE slot this afternoon - she is taking her school timetable very seriously!

I have received a document from Madame Mercedes which has some links to French websites that you can use.  I have attached it below.

Have a great day!  Take care!

Home Schooling - Tuesday 31st March - Message for Year 4 pupils from Mrs Duvall

Good afternoon! It's a bit dull and cool today, but I hope you have chance to get some fresh air at some point!  The school building here is very quiet without you! 

I have seen that the Classroom Secrets website has a Home Learning document to download so I have attached it. I have also attached the guidance for your parents and some practical ideas.

I have also uploaded geography document about London.  You will need to use the internet to research your answers.

Take care!

Home Schooling - Monday 30th March - Message for Year 4 pupils from Mrs Duvall - afternoon message cool

Science: As you know, we have been studying 'sound' in our science topic. To learn about pitch watch the following clips on the BBC Bitesize website.  If you have the materials, try making your own pan pipes (see the downloaded document) or if you have your violin at home, you could take a look at your strings!

English: You were beginning to write newspaper articles with Miss Deane before we closed.  Take a look at the  Little Red Riding Hood documents that I have uploaded.  One is just the article for you to read and the other encourages you to think about newspaper features (just look at the first version as the others are harder).  Finally, I have uploaded a blank newspaper frame so that you can have a go at writing your own article. You could choose a fairy tale or story that you know well. If you want to push yourself,  why don't you imagine that the 'Three Little Pigs' plotted against the wolf, or that 'Humpty Dumpty' was pushed!  If you don't have a printer, you can write on any paper or your Home School book. Don't try and do this all in one day! Aim to have your newspaper report written by the end of the week!

My next task is to check on our Accelerated Reader progress!  Keep reading! yes

Home Schooling - Monday 30th March - Message for Year 4 pupils from Mrs Duvall

Good morning, Year 4! I have been looking at Mathletics and can see that many of you have been completing the activities that I have set and have been practising your mental maths skills - keep it up! I have now set you some shape activities to complete.  To help you, I have also uploaded some shape documents.  Also, visit the BBC Bitesize website for some great help with understanding shape:

Virtual house points and high fives to any of you who noticed that I got the date wrong this morning!  surprise Just checking that you are awake! laugh

Keep checking the website today as I am putting together some more links and suggestions!

I miss you all! smiley

Fun Activity Ideas

  • Make a fairy or dinosaur garden
  • Create your own Sports Day
  • Tissue Box Monsters -
  • Paper Planes Flight School -

Home Schooling - Friday 27th March - Message for Year 4 pupils from Mrs Duvall

Good morning, everyone!  I hope you are all okay and keeping up with your activities as much as you can?  Don't forget to have some time moving around too!  If you have a garden, get out in the fresh air!  

I hope you've been looking at your times tables! wink

I have discovered that The Maths Factor website is now free to join.  yes

Keep checking our class page regularly for any documents, links and ideas.

Take care! smiley

Home Schooling - Thursday 26th March - Message for Year 4 pupils from Mrs Duvall

You may have already heard that at 11am each day, David Walliams is releasing a free audio story.  They last about 15 minutes!  Tune in and enjoy! 

Home Schooling - Wednesday 25th March - Message for Year 4 pupils from Mrs Duvall

Please see below if this is your first visit since home schooling began.  If not, welcome back!  I just wanted to let you know that I have uploaded some more files since last week.  Many are times table booklets! wink I have also uploaded answers (but only for the adults who may be helping you!).

I have also uploaded some division guides with some questions to practise.

The list of educational websites is great.  Please keep looking through them and try out different ones.  

I hope you have all been doing the Joe Wicks workout?  My legs are aching after just three days! Make sure you get your parents involved too! wink

The school has been very quiet without you all! Take care!  smiley

Home Schooling (from Friday 20th March)

Hello and welcome to Year 4's home page.

To assist you with your child's education, you will find here a range of resources that you can access to support you and your child.


Your child will be sent home from school with a selection of Big Maths booklets that they can work through. These include: Learn Its (mental arithemtic exercises that should take between 1 minute and 1 minute 30 to complete), CLIC tests (a range of calculation exercises to practise - no time limit) and SAFE (a booklet that will be unfamiliar to the pupils at this point, but enables them to practise a range of mathematical skills taught throughout the year - no time limit).

During the rest of the spring term, the children were due to cover the topics of Fractions and Time.  Please direct your child to the Mathletics website where they can find activities to complete with guidance.




Please ensure that your child reads as much as possible.  If they have completed their school reading book, any book or magazine that allows them to practise is suitable.  If the libraries remain open, children can access books from there. 

Pupils can now access Accelerated Reader at home to complete any quizzes.  Click on the icon below to access the login page:


I have also sent home a copy of the Year 1 & 2 Common Exception words, and the Year 3 & 4 words, which the children are expected to spell confidently.  The children could learn 5 a day, whilst at the same time practising the correct letter formation.  An extra task could be to use these words in a sentence.  All of this could be completed in the exercise book that they have taken home.


Please see the Twinkl resources download for a range of additional resources.


So far this term we have been studying States of Matter (solids, liquids and gases) and Sound.  In the Twinkl resources, you will find some activities to complete related to these topics.

Files to Download

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