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Home Schooling - Friday 1st May - Message for Year 4 pupils from Mrs Duvall

Happy Friday, everybody! If you are feeling like me, it is hard to keep track of the days of the week, but I know it’s Friday today as I always have a treat for tea on a Friday! I’m looking forward to a bar of Turkish Delight! cheeky

Today will be our last day on ‘time’, but that doesn’t mean that you should stop practising.  Keep it up every day – ask yourself how you would tell someone what time it is every time you look at the clock, both in analogue (the round clock on the wall) and the digital (the time using numbers that you see on your tablet/computer). I have uploaded another 24 Hour worksheet for you to try and I have also set a 24 Hour Time activity on Mathletics.  Remember that if you have tasks on Mathletics that you haven’t completed, I cannot set any more work, so you will need to do these first.

For English today, practise the spelling of words ending in the ‘ous’ suffix. I have uploaded a word search – if you have a printer, you can do it.  Otherwise, practise the spelling of the words.

Take some extra time today to complete some reading using some of the websites that I have told you about in the past such as Purple Mash or Oxford Owl.

Throughout the week you have been reading about animals and writing animal poetry. For art, have a go at drawing a hamster. I have uploaded an instruction document.

Finally, the BBC has recently started music lessons online called ‘Ten Pieces at Home’. Visit the following website:

Have a go at completing this week’s activities: ‘Tell a story with your own body percussion music..’

Have a wonderful weekend! laugh

Home Schooling - Thursday 30th April - Message for Year 4 pupils from Mrs Duvall

Hello everyone!

Did you try out any of the yoga poses yesterday? I hope you were successful! laugh

Let’s continue with ‘time’ today.  We will now move on to 24 hour time. Take a look at the PDF PowerPoint I have uploaded and the following BBC Bitesize page:

You can then practise your skills with the 24 Hour Worksheet.

In English, we have been looking at information on pets.  Let’s move on to some animal poetry. Take a look at the example animal acrostic poems that I have uploaded. You can also find more on the internet. Then try and write one of your own!

I wish I could read them! smiley

The CAFOD website has uploaded a lovely animation of a letter written by Pope Francis.  Watch it and then think about the following questions:

What is the Pope asking us to do in his letter?

What do you think Pope Francis means by ‘common home’?

How does the Pope say we have treated the Earth?

What has happened to the Earth because of this?

Activity: Take a look at the Laudato Si poster that I have uploaded and then design one of your own. How can you persuade everyone to care for our wonderful Earth?

Take care and keep safe! smiley

Home Schooling - Wednesday 29th April - Message for Year 4 pupils from Mrs Duvall

Good morning, Year 4!

Did you know that a large asteroid is the due to pass by the earth today?  It is about 2 miles wide! surprise

Today is also International Dance Day.  Perhaps you could make up a dance to your favourite song? I have uploaded some yoga instruction sheets so that you can keep yourselves flexible.

For maths, take a look at the second PowerPoint (in PDF format) on time.  Then complete one of the worksheets - Time to 5 minutes Part 2.

Yesterday, you read about how to care for a guinea pig.  Perhaps today you could write your own information piece on another pet of your choice? yes

For science, I’d like you to take a look at the PowerPoint (in PDF format) on the different types of teeth. Then complete the labelling of the teeth exercise.  If you cannot print this out, you could draw your own set of teeth and label them.

Take care! cool

Home Schooling - Tuesday 28th April - Message for Year 4 pupils from Mrs Duvall

Good morning, everyone!

If you could continue with your ‘time’ work today, that would be great. I have uploaded a PowerPoint (in the form of a PDF) to help you practise telling time to the nearest 5 minutes and some worksheets to go with it.

For English, I would like you to read the comprehension ‘Pet care of a Guinea Pig’.  There are 3 versions of the text.  Choose which one you think is best for you – they get harder.  The answers are also there so you can check if you were correct!

Try and also do some science today.  If we were in school, we would be starting our human body work.  Let’s start by thinking about our diets.  Take a look at the two meal pictures – which do you think is the healthy choice?  How do you know? Take a look at the following BBC Bitesize page to help you.

Take care!  smiley

Home Schooling - Monday 27th April - Message for Year 4 pupils from Mrs Duvall

Good morning, Year 4!  I hope you all had a lovely weekend?  I spent lots of time gardening and washed my car!

This week, I’d like you to spend some time practising telling the time. Start off with the practise of the basic o’clock, half past and quarter to/past times.  I have uploaded a worksheet. Ask your parents to ask you what time it is throughout the day.  Perhaps you could write a timetable of what you do throughout the day.  For example, ‘At 9 o’clock I do the Jo Wicks workout.’

For English, the BBC Bitesize lesson on prepositions today is easy to follow:

Keep up with the work on the Egyptians.  I have uploaded an information sheet on the pyramids for you to look at.  Perhaps throughout the week you could try and make your own pyramid – you may remember seeing them outside my classroom last year. You can use any materials you like – last year the children used things like clay, paper, card, Lego and even sugar cubes!



Home Schooling - Friday 24th April - Message for Year 4 pupils from Mrs Duvall

Happy Friday!  Did you enjoy the sunshine yesterday? It was a beautiful day but remember to keep safe in the sun if you are out in the garden for a long time - my face was a little red last night, so I will be wearing some sun lotion on my walk today! blush

I have been looking at the BBC Bitesize lessons this morning and have noticed that there is an English lesson based around a poem called Please Mrs Butler.  It's a great poem which is quite funny and excellent for learning off by heart to perform!

There are also some maths challenges on the BBC Bitesize which look good, but you could spend some time today going over some of your timestables? yes If you have a brother or sister at home you could set up the times tables games that we have played in the hall (you could easily make a times table 'wheel' using some paper) in the garden.  You could even get your mum and dad involved!  wink

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