Year 3 2019 - 2020

Miss Swift

Y3 Teacher

Home Schooling


HALF TERM 22/05/2020 -> 01/05/2020

I hope that you all have a lovely half term. Take this time to appreciate spending time with your families, this is a perfect time to learn new skills; baking, tie your shoelaces, measuring (making a drink of cordial), singing, dancing, an instrument if you have any. Anything you cna think of that you find fun. Make sure you spend time outdoors, safely and look after those close to you. 

I will begin to upload resources for you to work from home on 02/06/2020.


Your English lessons and resources will be uploaded onto the 'Home Learning English' tab above. Similarly all Maths lessons and resources will be available on the 'Home Learning Maths' tab. For all other subject activities please use the 'Summer Term Home Schooling' tab. 


Home Schooling - Monday 20th April

Good morning all and welcome back to our year 3 page! I hope that you all had a wonderful Easter holidays, I can't wait to hear your stories when we get back to school like you usually do on the first day back. Our first day back might not be for a while still, but don't worry we are safe at home and will be together again. Hopefully, you have been keeping your mind and body working, remember you can still use the 100 Things to do Indoors resource for any activities that you might like to do whilst at home.

I hope you have noticed the new page that I have added called 'Summer Term Home Schooling'. I can see that the resource list is rather long on this page, which you can continue to use, I am going to upload any new messages or resources on there.

Home Schooling - Friday 3rd April

Hopefully you have had an active and engaging day learning. We are all very tired after our Joe Wicks workout! Remember these are happening over the holidays.

Enjoy your time over the upcoming 'Easter Holidays'. I have attached some fun activities that you could use to occupy your time. Keep an eye out for any additions over the next two weeks, there are lots of ides in the 100 Things To Do Indoors.

Stay Safe and Happy Easter!

Miss Swift.

Home Schooling - Wednesday 1st April

Happy April Fools Day Year 3! I hope that you haven't been caught out on any pranks this morning.

It isn't our usual French day, however Madame Mercedes has sent some French resources with website links for you to continue to practice numbers from 1 to 20. There is an introduction letter which helps you to gain access to the website that holds the resources.

Do you remember when we went to the library before World Book Day for our Love of Reading Session?
We completed a rather funny activity where we came up with lots of ideas to plan a story.

  • When?
  • Where?
  • Who was there?
  • What happened?

 Like on the picture below, split a piece of paper into four sections with the four questions and come up with as many ideas as you can. How many different story plans can you come up with?

CHALLENGE:  Can you use one of your ideas to write a short story?

Home Schooling - Tuesday 31st March

Good afternoon, Year 3! I hope you are all settled into home learning and have found a routine that suits you. 

Classroom Secrets have a kids section where you can find different activities such as Maths and SPaG resources:
I have also attached some problem solving powepoints that you can work through containing problems from topics that we have learnt and some upcoming topics e.g. money. CHALLENGE: See if you can complete 1-2 problems per day along with part of you Maths Pack and Times Tables practice. 

Home Schooling - Monday 30th March

Don't forget to keep active during your home learning. I have attached a file with links to a variety of videos to help you keep fit, you may recognise some that we have used before in school. There are a variety of ages on there so if you have any younger brothers or sisters, try an easier one with them and have fun together!

If you have finished your school reding book or any other books that you have at home, you could use the book reviewing resource that I have attached to rate your book. If you bring these back to school we can use them to encourage others to chose the books we have enjoyed. 

Keep an eye out in your garden and see what different animals you can see. Why not try the Garden Birds Reading Comprehension and see if you recognise any of the birds from your garden?

Home Schooling - Friday 27th March

Good morning all! I hope that you are enjoying another beautiful day.

Your new Mathletics is now live and waiting for you. Keep up the good work those of you that have completed them all- you have 4 new tasks, pace yourselves with these over the course of the week. If you have not finished any already set, make sure to complete those before attempting your new ones before Friday 3rd April.

I will update you on Monday with any further resources, for now enjoy spending a fun-filled weekend at home.

Have a lovely weekend.

Miss Swift.

Home Schooling - Thursday 26th March

Welcome back to the Year 3 page. I hope that you are all well and keeping safe.

You may have already heard that at 9am each day, Joe Wicks is entertaining the nation by keeping us fit. If you haven't already joined in with this, give it a try on his youtube page (if you're not ready for exercise at that time, catch up with it at anytime in the day):
Also, David Walliams is releasing a free audio story. They last about 15 minutes everyday at 11am, for a mid morning break: 

Well done to all of you that have completed your mathletics set over the past week! Keep an eye out for your new tasks set tomorrow.

I have attached some more documents to keep you going and give you a variety of activities to explore.

  • English Spring Activity Booklet
  • I know some children have used this video to read our English Class Text For a challenge, your child can pick a part of the story that they would like to create their own sentences for or to rewrite.
  • If you have finished the Maths home learning resources or are struggling with any fraction based questions, White Rose Maths have released some lessons and activities which may be helpful
  • Timestable booklets to explore the tables that we have been practicing and learnign (2, 3, 4, 5, 8 and 10)
  • Times table colouring
  • Times table missing number sheet
  • Spring and Summer knowledge mats for topics due to be covered 
  • Online Safety activities
  • RE Easter home learning pack



Hello and welcome to Year 3's class page!

To assist you with your child's education you will find here a range of resources you can access to support you and your child. Your child has been sent with a Home Learning Pack including exercise books to complete any online activities which will be listed below.


Your child will have been given a 'home learning pack' that contains three different types of maths booklet: Learn Its (mental arithemtic exercises that should take 1 minute), CLIC (a range of calculation exercises to practise - no time limit) and SAFE (a booklet that will be unfamiliar to the pupils at this point, but enables them to practise a range of mathematical skills taught throughout the year - no time limit).  These booklets will help to develop key arithmetic and core mathematics skills.  Begin at the lowest level and work through each booklet.  There will be ten pages with the same key skills being developed.

In our main maths lessons for the remainder of the spring term we would have been completing Mass and focusing on Volume and Money. Your child would benefit from handling any change and coins that you have available and any shop type games or scenarios that you could practice with them. In the Summer term we would be covering Time, Fractions and Statistics (picture graphs and bar graphs). Resources for these topics will be uploaded if necessary. Your child will have previously been sent home a 'Mathletics' user name and password (most children have these details in their reading records).  This can be used to access activities and tasks that will help to support their understanding of these topics:

Pupils can now access Accelerated Reader at home to complete any quizzes.  Click on the icon below to go to the login page:

For revision of methods that we have been concentrating on within Maths through the year, the Twinkl home resource pack includes lots of opportunities to complete questions using the four operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division). This pack also includes some work on Fractions and Time which we have not yet covered and are due to cover in the summer term, the children could use their knowledge from Year 2 to attempt parts of this.




I have attached documents Year 1&2 common exception words, along with Year 3&4. A very useful activity to practice both handwriting and key spelling is to spend a short time everyday practicing handwriting skills by copying the words multiple times and in varied ways: in the air as big as you can, on someone’s back, on your hand a letter at a time, writing in slime or other materials, follow one of these methods by then writing it in their book.


Using the documents sent for handwriting, this will assist in your child learning spellings that they are expected to be confident in spelling as they progress through Year 4. The children could learn 5 a day, whilst at the same time practising the correct letter formation.  An extra task could be to use these words in a sentence.  All of this could be completed in the exercise book that they have taken home.


Spending time everyday reading with and reading to your child is the best way to develop their reading skills and a love or reading. Your child will have brought home a book at the right level or stage suitable to them. If they have completed their school reading book, any book or magazine that allows them to practise is suitable.  If the libraries remain open, children can access books from there. Accessing titles of books that are of interest to them and within their range can be done by utilising the Accelerated Reader Book Finder website:

There are some reading comprehensions attached in the files for extra reading opportunities that will assist in your children showing their understanding of the text.



In our science lessons we will be learning about Animals including Humans especially movement using muscles:

Try to think about what muscles you are using during different types of activities and record these in your exercise book.


You will also find a list of educational resources

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