International Links

International Learning

International learning is an integral part of school life at St. Austin’s and we are very proud to hold the full International School Award.

Due to COVID 19 we have been unable to complete our activities for reaccreditation of the International School Award in the school year 2019/2020.  In light of the difficulties schools are encountering, the British Council has extended our accreditation to 2021 and we are continuing to work on this aspect of our curriculum now we have returned to school.

*March 2021 update* we are very excited to have been matched with a partner in Nepal through the British Council's Connecting Classrooms initiative.  We are working with Arunodaya School in Nepal. We will be working on a shared project centred around "Wildlife". Here is the link to their school website:

What is the purpose of International learning?

At St. Austin’s, we believe that pupils should learn about the wider world. This could be through work in subject areas such as geography or history or through special events organised during the school year such as International week or Global Learning week.

A global learner is curious about the wider world and develops a sense of global identity and responsibility. By learning about issues outside their realm of experience, pupils develop critical thinking skills, become aware of their place in the world and are open-minded. 

The video shown here is about a task that the School Council completed with a charity called The Memory Project.  This art-based activity allowed children to explore the sensitive issue of refugeeism.  They employed many of the skills listed above when completing their work.