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International School Award 2017-20

In July 2017 we achieved for the fifth time reaccreditation of International School Status. This award acknowledges the international ethos embedded in our curriculum through school events such as Chinese New Year. We have even made friends with pupils in other schools from different parts of the world such as France, Spain and China. 

Schools or educational institutions reaccredited with the International School Award will have expandedinternational learning to the wider community.

Working towards the International School Award develops outcomes in two key areas – enriching education and encouraging global citizenship in young people.

Being a global citizen involves developing certain skills and outlooks which encourage positive engagement with others and the environment. 

In achieving International School status we are working in the following areas:-

Global Citizenship

  • Teachers develop collaborative projects which engage the wider community in a shared global issue.
  • Young people actively share their knowledge and activities with their peers and communities.
  • Teachers and school leaders develop global citizenship issues in the curriculum.

Enriching Education

  • Teachers continue to implement useful changes to their teaching and curriculum based on collaborative learning 

Teachers share their approach and revised practices with others in their education community.


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