Our Curriculum


Our Curriculum Intent:

                   The school’s direction stems from its Mission Statement:


                    St Austin’s is like a star,

                        where the light inside each one of us shines brightly.

                        As a team, we support, value and respect each other.

                 As a family, we use our talents to be the best that we can be;

                              following the path of Jesus as we:




                                                                                                      Grow in Faith Together


We aim to inspire, motivate and challenge all pupils to acquire the knowledge and skills needed to reach their full potential in life and become effective citizens in their local and global communities.

Beyond the confines of any social and economic constraints, our delivery of the National Curriculum is designed to foster, within our pupils, aspirations to succeed in all they do.

Our curriculum is broad and well -balanced and offers pupils a wide range of experiences through an enhanced extra-curricular programme.

Our bright and stimulating learning environment promotes and celebrates pupils’ creativity: our well-trained teachers and teaching assistants ensure an oasis of calm promotes the health and wellbeing of our pupils.

The school subject co-ordinators are as follows:-


Literacy - Mrs Duvall

Numeracy and Computing - Mr McCaughley

Science - Miss Swift

SEN - Mr Whittaker

RE and Music - Mrs Ramsey

EYFS and Student Placements - Mrs Leck

PE and Art - Miss Fishwick

History - Mrs Atherton

Geography and MFL - Mrs Boden